Watching « Amy »

What is it about this documentary that has been haunting me ever since I saw it?

Of course, the sheer reflection of Amy Winehouse’s life, from her fresh beginnings to the saddening spiral leading to her untimely death, is heart-renting.

In a first mental step, one might grapple with a depressing feeling of waste. Think of all the fine music she would most probably have been able to create and grace the world with.

However, the more I think about it, the more I find that a terrible sense of fate seems to shroud the whole documentary.

Of course, this is an a posteriori reading of A. Winehouse’s life. Still, everything in her life seemed to circle round one thing: Intensity.

From her musical choices,  the selection of the musicians she would play with, to her love life, Amy would never have it half-baked. She lived what she had to live, until the end, with no compromise.

And the very brevity of her life might shows us one thing: you won’t live long if you live it to the fullest. Leaving us all and our settled lives with a slight sour taste of deception.